August – Featured Members of the Month!


Thanks to fellow gym members, Larry and Sandi Richerson of Joseph have been nominated as our featured members for the month of August.

Larry and Sandi enjoy the outdoor beauty of Wallowa County to the fullest, spending as much time as possible outdoors as part of their active lifestyle. At 63 and 66 years of age, they are an inspiration to many as they never let their number of years determine their abilities. One of their favorite lines they remind themselves and others of is, “Don’t let what you can’t do prevent you from what you can do.” They recognize the important roll healthy eating has played as part of their plan to live a quality life. Sandi says, “R

ather than setting our goal to live to 130, we want to improve the quality of our life while we’re here.”

Eating organic food is very important to


Sandi and Larry, and what they do not grow for themselves year round in their garden, green house, and in their insulated cold frame boxes, they buy from local farmers. With a diet very rich in vegetables, they also make sure to eat plenty of healthy plant sourced fats, but also include organic local whole milk and locally and organically raised beef.


Sandi and Larry love riding horses, gardening, walking in the winter, and incorporating lots of outdoor adventures. Many of the older local farmers and ranchers who are still getting out every day to raise their crops and animals inspire the Richersons as they don’t use their age as a reason to hold them back or slow them down. Sandi’s 84 year young mother, Lorraine, is also a source of inspiration as she continues to live to the fullest! Larry believes a person should, “keep kicking till you fall off the perch.”

Even though the Richersons live a very active and healthy life outside of the gym, they expressed their love for the Vault as it provides them with a scheduled regimen that enables them to work muscles they don’t normally engage in their daily activities and improves their ability to perform their favorite activities outside of the gym.


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