Dec 2017 – Featured Members: Anthony and Jordan

Congratulations to our Vault members Anthony and his nephew Jordan for being nominated as Featured Members for December!

Anthony’s warm smile and positive attitude have been inspiring his fellow gym members. He says he’s been working out for a while, and since March of this year he has been working out consistently. He enjoys walking on the treadmill and lifting with the machines.

Jordan was a three-sport athlete in high school, competing in football, baseball and basketball, along with playing golf. He participated in athletic training while attending OSU, and also enjoyed playing baseball at BMCC.

Setting a routine and being consistently active has played a key roll in Jordan’s fitness journey. He says he has yet to reach his personal goals, but those two factors have definitely aided him in progressing. “No matter what your goals are, if you aren’t consistent, it’s not going to work. I like to be consistent, and he (Anthony) helps me out a lot, because by the time I get off work, he’s geared up and ready to go. So It’s sort of hard for me to tell him no.” Anthony’s reply to this statement is, “He’s my buddy.” And we all know Anthony has a great point there! When you have a lifting buddy, you ARE more likely to be successful in your routine and reach your goals. Even if buddies aren’t doing the same lift, just having that accountability partner removes many of the excuses that attempt to derail a good intention. Buddies inspire, encourage, push, and once in a while, help peal you off the floor after a great leg workout.

Working at the Joseph station and bucking bales on his family’s farm keeps Jordan busy in the Summer. But, even during the busy months he tries to stay disciplined, even if that means lifting for shorter periods of time at the Vault so he can fit in a quick swim at the lake to cool off.


When asked about healthy eating, Jordan replied, “Eating healthy can be especially hard for me, that’s where I lack. But I would say for words of encouragement, don’t be so hard on yourself. Definitely stay disciplined but allow yourself to pre-plan your cheat meal. I have a sweet tooth so it’s hard for me to stop myself, but what I try to do is limit it… a little is better than a lot. Set up healthy boundaries for yourself and use your cheat as a reward for reaching a goal rather than eating sweets whenever, or because they are available.”


Jordan commented, “Just starting out is going to be tough, especially getting into the gym as a beginner. The first two weeks are always the toughest I’ve noticed. We took a week and a half off of working out when I went hunting. And even though I was out in the woods hiking, it was just totally different from my lifting and I could already tell the difference getting back into the routine. I was sore that full week. But once we started getting back into it and going after the game plan it became easier. Usually week four or week five it gets a lot easier and you should start noticing changes if you’re consistent. The key to success is finding balance in diet, workouts and breaks, as well as mental balance. But if you have a passion for it and you like working out, it does get easier.” Anthony nodded his approval and stated, “I’m with him.”


Anthony has lost about fifteen pounds since June, and has had a great time doing it. He loves the interaction with all his fellow gym members and says, “Keep it going!”


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