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Haven’t tried GRACE Space barre class yet? What are you waiting for?

Kellee’s GRACE Space barre classes offered at the Vault, combine the postural benefits of barre classes with functional strength moves and bursts of cardio challenges for only $6 per class*! 

Take advantage of these first-rate classes offered right here in Wallowa County!

Here’s what students are saying:GRACE Space Barre Class is a super fun, yet challenging, class! The music is great, the energy is ALIVE and your heart rate is up! Kellee is very knowledgeable and is always there to help you dig deeper into every move. After only 55 minutes of time you (no joke) walk out of Barre feeling stronger, taller, and leaner! I highly encourage you to attend a class, you will love it!
~ Hailie Hillock“I started taking Kellee’s Barre class when I was 4.5 months pregnant. My friend highly recommended it because it is no impact. I consider myself more of a runner than a gym girl, so I had a hard time talking myself into going; but once I took the leap, I instantly fell in love with this workout and now I can’t get enough. I couldn’t believe that Barre class could be so challenging and such a great workout. I could instantly feel myself getting stronger and it has helped increase my confidence, especially at this stage in my pregnancy. I wish that I would have started Kellee’s class even earlier than I did. I plan on taking this class right up until I have my baby and continuing it after as a regular part of my workout routine. Kellee is so kind, so fun and so motivating, it’s hard not to strive to do and be your best in this class!”
~ Jennifer Kassahn
Kellee Sheehy, The Vault’s own barre class instructor, was trained and taught classes at The Dailey Method, one of the world’s premiere fitness studios. Her teacher training was lengthy and intense, resulting in a wealth of knowledge about how to create challenging workouts for students of all ages and fitness levels. When living in San Diego, Kellee’s classes ranged from $20-$30 and were packed for a reason: students get results!
* class price with a 12 class package
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