Sept 2017 – Featured Member of the Month: Kate Fent

Vault members nominated Kate Fent to be the featured member of the month of September due to the dedication she has shown to her routine, and her bright and helpful presence in the gym. As a mother of very active 12 year old twins, Kate maintains a healthy and strong body to keep up with all their energy by consistently working out just one hour each day. When starting to work out Kate remembers, “the first month of getting into a routine I hurt so bad that it motivated me to NEVER hurt that bad again!”


Kate’s advice for anyone beginning to work out:

  • Throw away the scales! At first I was a little scared to lift heavy weight and put on “bulk” muscle, but after lifting consistently I’ve remained about the same weight and have dropped a couple sizes. I learned muscle is more dense than fat, and it’s actually VERY difficult for women to “bulk” from lifting. As I build muscle I have not become manly in any way, I have earned the muscle I have as a woman… And my son’s are very proud of their strong mom J. Who doesn’t love muscle??
  • Be consistent! It takes 6 weeks to establish a routine before it feels natural, so find something that you know is doable for you, and STICK TO IT.
  • No excuses! Anybody can do it! When I first started I was scared to hold 10lbs over my head. And because of my rheumatoid arthritis, it was painful starting out my routine… but even though pushups are still difficult, I have found ways to revise, and have found that my workouts are actually helping with my arthritis! I’m continually graduating to lifting heavier weights as my body grows stronger, and what a confidence boost it gives me each time I realize I am capable of more than I was before!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether it’s our first day or going on twenty years, we are ALL learning and growing together J. I love being able to share what I have learned, just as I continue to learn each day.


As one of our valued and helpful gym members, Kate is more than willing to answer questions, demonstrate workouts, and even share her daily workout with anyone interested in learning and developing a healthy life and body. Look for her cheerful smile, and whenever sharing the gym, make sure to give her a “high five” for being such a great example and B-A mom!



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