The Sawtooth Adventure – 2017

We all have experienced when life seems too busy to handle- it was for this reason I was hesitant to join the 6 person relay team that was set out to complete a 61.9 mile course that bordered the Sawtooth Mountains.

 Looking back at the memories made, the challenges we overcame, and the friendships formed I couldn’t be happier with my willingness to let go of the demands of life and decide to run with Team Vault- consisting of Liza Strickland, Katie Couch, Garrett Leo, Lukus Partney, Noelle Horvath and myself (Tricia Otten).   

With a lack of sleep, we were up at one a.m. – under the glow of a full moon in the pouring down rain preparing for our start at 2:30. With the temperatures in the 30’s, Garrett led our team with the first leg setting an awesome pace and providing us with an advantageous lead on the runners we started with.  As each leg was handed off to the next runner, I was astonished at the support from the team but more so from the teams surrounding us. The environment is one that cannot be explained or replicated- unique in its own way.

Without getting to deep into the details; Liza took on the challenging Galena Summit climbing 1,331 ft in 5.35 miles in just over an hour. Garrett average 7 minute miles losing 1,411 ft in 6.02 miles. Katie, Lukus, Noelle, and myself stayed consistent with time providing many “kills” leading us to be the third team to cross the finish line with a time of 9 hours 3 minutes and 17 seconds. While we do not know the exact place we finished, we were extremely proud of the eight and a half minute miles we averaged as a team. We were also thankful for each team member providing support through cheers, encouraging words, food, and creating some warmth in a very chilly environment.

We celebrated ourselves in Boise that night, continuing to get to know each other and building a strong foundation in friendships and in Team Vault. While we may not all be runners, I encourage each gym members to take a step back in life and find something that challenges you, something that you can enjoy and appreciate. I guarantee there will be a team member willing to join in providing the ever needed support we all crave.

  • Patricia Otten


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